Rustic Barn Wood Mirror

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In my last post I shared that I would be posting information about my new mirror. The mirror from the sideboard redo turned out to be too small for the space and not the right color. I thought about painting it to match the color of the new sideboard, but that wasn’t quite it either. Bringing in some color from the existing furniture would help in tying the varied color scheme together.

I found a bathroom mirror that was 48″ by 60″ online and that seemed like it would be more fitting. That size mirror needed some heavy trim work so I bought trim that is about 6 inches thick for the project. The only trim that was suitable was MDF and primed white – so this frame would have to be painted rather than stained. The planning piece was challenging for this – so of course I called on my brother and ultimately my dad to come out and help with the construction. Basically, the mirror is sandwiched between two frames with a lip edge for it to rest inside.

mirror 5

The finish is the trick that made the piece. I found a paint made by Martha at Home Depot that would coat the MDF and give it the appearance of barn wood. It is thick and metallic, but creates the most unique finish I’ve ever seen. You can check out the same color I used here:

After painting it, it seemed like the metallic sheen did not go with the texture of the paint so I dulled it by adding thick stain on top of the paint. I added gold paint on one thin band around the entire frame and continued adding coats of stain on top of the piece for a couple of days until it built up a thick, aged, textured finish.

mirror 3

Here is the finished product. It is sixty pounds and was mounted on two bolts that were each screwed into the wall studs.

mirror 2


One thought on “Rustic Barn Wood Mirror

    Red Leaf Style said:
    2013/01/04 at 7:00 pm

    Love the huge mirror! Mirrors are wonderful for making a space look larger. I also adore the table beneath it!

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