Handpainted Dresser

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The possibilities are endless with paint and furniture.  Nowadays, finishes and paints are made in such a way that almost anything adheres and awaits the day that it will be changed into something entirely different again.  Such is the case in my ever-changing design scheme.  I bought a solid wood dresser with plans to finish it myself.  The first ever finish took a huge amount of time – assembling, wood conditioning it and sanding it to a silky finish, covering the top with a natural polyurethane, and a milky white wash finish on the rest before a fine splattering of cafe au lait colored stainish paint on the bristles of a flicked toothbrush (and dirty fingernails and some splashes on a freshly stained deck one summer).  That dresser was stuffed with clothes time and again and the clothing began to grow – yet it was perfect for the purpose at the time.

Its second life began with a can of ‘oops’ paint at Home Depot.  The color was a grayish cream, but too dull to stand on its own – so used a yardstick to line striped down the front in light pencil to fill with asparagus green paint.  I chipped and sanded at them until they looked worn.  It was perfect for its purpose at the time… until my design scheme evolved, yet again, and the clothes within continued to grow, and I knew it was time for a new life for the dresser.  Within an hour, it was purchased by a family to use for their two year old daughter’s first ‘big girl’ room.  I sent it out the door with a lump in my throat, since that is how it was born in our home, and thought – that is a perfect purpose.

dresser 2


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