Who says you can’t build furniture with 2X4’s?

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chair 3My brother – that’s who.  He did, however, help me with the structure of this chair for one of our bedrooms – although he laughed at me for thinking that I could build it out of 2 by 4’s and 4 by 4’s.

I love slipper chairs – they can be so versatile and stuck in various corners to add seating, create a reading nook, or be a catch all for lightly worn clothing.  I built a square based frame using 4 by 4 legs, and 2 by 4’s to construct the frame and back.  I set one 2 by 4 across the back before I mounted a thin sheet of plywood.  After creating the basic bones to look as I wanted, I began wrapping it with foam and stuffing until I got the look of an upholstered piece of furniture.  The woodworking of the chair, although solid, is ugly at best so I am going to scrounge to see if I kept any photos of the base.

I sewed a slip cover out of muslin and began working on the exterior slip cover.  It came out fantastic – large enough to be a bit bigger than a chair, but not as space taking as a love seat.  Here are some pictures from other angles:
chair 2chair


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