Creating a door jamb to join paint colors

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One summer I got an idea during one of those lazy, hazy, crazy days when it was too hot to go out and too boring to sit inside without an all-encompassing project that would adequately turn the house upside down enough for my taste, that it would be a fantastic idea to paint the kitchen Moroccan Red – yes in the blistering heat of the summer. This deep rich color would bring warmth to my bustling kitchen during the bleak winter months and the central room of the house would be highlighted during the Christmas season with such a festive hue.

I brought home the gallons of paint, rolls of masking tape, hauled brushes, ladders, drop cloths, and rollers of all sizes into the kitchen. Surprisingly, my husband seemed okay with the project. My knack for getting myself into projects over my head has become a trademark in our happy marriage in that we attack it as such – he knows that I am going to do it, he looks the other way as he shakes his head, and he leaves me alone until it is finished. He has also said that he thinks that I just like to have some part of the house consistently under construction. He may be right, but I’d certainly never admit it.

As soon as I made the first brush stroke of Moroccan Red, I thought, “Oh my, what have I done!?” Not to admit defeat for either undertaking the project or choosing such a wild color (the rest of our house is painted a soothing beachy sand Parisian Taupe), I continued and I was quite pleased when he seemed to like the color.

I painted around and around cutting those awful corners and what seemed like a million cabinet edges, until I rounded to the entryway (above) and realized the door jamb left no easy finishing point. Well, that does it. I have to build a post – construction door jamb. There was no way around this one. It’s not like I really wanted another construction project.  This was a job that really could not be avoided. In addition to the mess already going on in the kitchen, I ran to Home Depot and hauled in the 80 gallon air compressor, nail gun, moulding, rosette squares, and plywood.



After not too much time and a whole lotta caulk, I had a neatly assembled frame around the door jam that looked as if it had been there forever.  Woodwork really makes such a difference in a room and made joining the differing paint colors make more sense.  I wish I was a better woodworker than I am, but practice makes perfect.  You can see in the picture all the way to the left, the picture boxes along the hallway are another day’s project.  Those were constructed so the busy hallway could be painted semi gloss white on the bottom half to eliminate or more easily clean grubby fingerprints from the wall.

The room came out superbly.  I posted some more pictures below.  We had the granite counters installed and our designer said the color scheme came out great.

That Moroccan Red was spectacular for two Christmases until another summer rolled around and the room ended up a ghastly hospital white, and then back to the good old standby trusty Parisian Taupe.  Living on the wild side with colors, I know.



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