New life for a coffee table

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Well, I found this coffee table at a junk store for $25.00.  Plus, they were running a special on furniture where prices were slashed 50%, meaning that this thing cost me only $12.50.  I didn’t need a coffee table, but the storage space this piece provided was too good to pass up – not to mention the fact that it is a $12 coffee table.

I don’t know if every part of it is sold versus veneer, so I figured my safest bet would be to take a spin on a Pottery Barn piece that I loved and use that relative idea on this table.  I worked in layers of paint  starting with brown, yellow, then red, then black.  After it was ‘finished’ I brought it inside and added it to the family room.

The next morning, I went downstairs and realized it had bubbled.  I really did the quick fix furniture redo on this one – I mentioned in another posting that I would share about not prepping adequately.  This was the piece.  The top began to bubble up in some places and not really using the best course of scenarios, I scratched at the little tiny bubbles until the paint began to peel off in strips since it wasn’t sufficiently dry.  I also realized that the finish wasn’t exactly what I wanted around the base either.  What to do next?…but have your children sand the mistake off.


Actually this was the opposite of the Tom Sawyer effect, they wanted to do it and I tried to convince them that it was too cold and I didn’t want them doing ‘hard labor’ with their little fingers, but they insisted – so I popped a palm sander and scraps of sandpaper in their hands and they worked on it for a bit. I thought it was great to capture them working, while it lasted. I am the one who actually finished – nose dripping and freezing – after their five minutes of fun were over.

I re-stained the top and darkened around the base.  Here is the result:
photo (6)
photo (10)


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