Builder’s Grade Chandeliers

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Builder’s Grade Chandeliers can be an eyesore for those of us who can’t leave anything untouched. I picked up a couple of these at a junk store for $15.00 each and figured if they didn’t work properly due to any electrical issues they would be promoted to the garden as outdoor “candleiers” instead. Luckily, these two did work – are installed in my kitchen and dining room and have lit many family meals and holiday gatherings.

When painting brass, it can be tricky to ensure that the paint adheres to the surface since brass is so slippery. I used Rustoleum spray paint since it tends to aid in sticking power. This should be done outside because the off shoot of spray paint is some pretty nasty stuff. Just be sure to be delicate with the fixture to some extent and avoid using abrasive items near it/allowing it to get scratched because I suspect some paint may scratch off allowing the shiny brass to show through.

After the initial step of spray paint dries sufficiently, I brought the chandeliers inside and worked with stiff bristled brushes with a dry paint technique where I dipped the brush in paint, but cleaned most of the paint off before applying it to the fixture. The result is a brushy texture that mimics wrought iron mixed with coppery gold. I combined several tones in the paint overlay in separate steps: gold, antique gold, copper to layer the colors properly.

For the kitchen, I wanted a more informal chandelier, so I hung it without adding anything else.
photo (2)

I preferred a more formal chandelier in the dining room so I used a metal punch to poke holes around the cup of each light and attached antique crystals to dress it up. Periodically, depending on the look, I have added strings of crystals attached to the same holes to change the look.
photo (1)
Changing light fixtures is one quick way to make an inexpensive improvement in a room. I will also post information about how to build matching fake sconces in another post.


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