15 minutes of fame

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1 of 3 tulip series
It is so hard to find time for creative outlets. Between working full time, studying for tests (kids), coaching basketball (for my son) with basketball games on the weekend, laundry and the folding, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, collecting the cat hair rolling into corners only 30 seconds after I vacuumed, the day seems like it is finished before I know it and it’s on to the next with more of the same. When I open my eyes each morning – everything I thought that could be accomplished in one day’s time rarely is. I am a chronic list maker – it makes me feel happy to see things drain from my brain onto paper so I am able to manage them more easily. I relish in writing tiny infinitesimal items just so I can cross things off. I had a conversation with one of the girls at work who is another project person and she said she hasn’t been able to paint since college. You know who you are – and I hope you’ll take the time to enrich yourself with creating something new. Life is busy and I need the reminder to enjoy. My creative energy seems to have no end. Mixed among the things to do to maintain the house and stay afloat are my daydream plans to always make something better – by sewing, painting, building. I have to set aside that time for projects to rejuvenate myself. These paintings were one of those small sections of time when nobody was hollering “Mama” and I was able to be with my own thoughts. Each one took about 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes were well – savored and another reason I can’t redecorate and get rid of the reds in my house – they are my reminder to create.set of tulips


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