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Here it is January and I am super antsy for change. That is a bad face – it’s a searching face – that time for seashells. I know myself well and this is the same old same old that happens every spring and again into winter. I can’t decide if it’s longing to get to the beach – one of my favorite pastimes with my family, or to the mountains to ski which is the cold weather favorite, but I am restless. I am so up in the air jittery figity to do something, yet unable to accomplish anything that I have swayed this weekend from thinking I would completely redo the main level to shift out all of the rust reds, mustard, warm tones and redo two entire rooms including upholstery in blue and cream. But it’s winter. I sit and enjoy a cup of tea in the kitchen and think how nice it is during the cold months that the heart of our home is visually warming. Vetoed the idea to change the color. It wouldn’t be a small undertaking and if I think I am antsy now – wait until I reupholster six dining chairs, a ten foot long, six inch thick window seat cushion, switch carpets, redo a smattering of throw pillows, and store my glittery depression glass gems for a time I would rewelcome red. The last time I reupholstered my kitchen dining chairs I promised myself it would be the last time on those since it undermines the integrity of the wood so much. I painted them chocolate brown from the pickled cream they’d once been and stripped plum upholstery in favor of a rust and mustard gingham – too much work. It would also mean painting two pieces of furniture. I could just imagine my shop – I mean garage filled with projects and our cars iced over outside at 7 in the morning when we are already late for work. Plus, it would also mean folding up the runner my wonderful sister made for me just this Christmas and I thought I would be happy either way – with the blues or the reds.

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Instead of a color redo – a quick room redo. What about built ins around my fireplace? So I did a quick sketch and sent it to my brother.


Maybe not the right thing either…but we’ll see. While I am waiting, the roof needs to be changed so I am interviewing different companies. Not the most fun thing to do. I don’t like the decision making and it makes me even more scattered.

One thing is settled. I think I will be switching bedrooms between my little guy and the guest room/craft room. His room is basically a closet and there is no sense in having him sleep in a tiny room while my crafts enjoy a more bright space in the usually empty guest room. That is the next big project and I am going to post pictures of the before and after. My guest room/craft room is my favorite room in the house and I have just gotten it where I want it. Two iron twin beds with matching linens and my antique desk painted with mossy chalk paint to match my antique chair with a handmade slipcover with my monogram. Boo hoo, but I love my boy more. Two favorite pieces will be sold to make space for the room redos. One is an antique shabby chic dresser that has been lined more recently with Laura Ashley leaf paper in the bases of the drawers – another is a little nightstand that I love since I did the work, but even more so because I remember my grandfather checking it out in our kitchen as I worked on it and how happy he was to see me sawing off the four legs carefully to make it bed height, resetting the delicate brass screens behind two little doors after the paint job was complete, and reinstalling the vintage hardware. If only it was easy to keep everything old that I love around and still make room for more projects – both in my head and my house.


One thought on “Antsy for change

    Your FABULOUS sister :) said:
    2013/01/15 at 11:12 am

    Bedside table-SOLD.

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