First snow day?

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I hear tomorrow may be our first real snow day – forcing us indoors to find other things to do. I have a two foot stack of work prepared that I am contemplating whether or not to risk leaving it for my workday tomorrow to plow through it and turn out tons and tons of deadline items or take it home in hopes of having a day off to do the same thing – plus some painting and projects. Tomorrow may be the big bedroom move – but I thought I would post some pictures of my last snow day art.

My friend Larry is a professional woodworker with Custom Hope Chests of Virginia. A couple of years ago, before we knew each other except for the fact that we both had a mutual friend in my husband, Larry tested the water after learning that I liked to paint and sent home one lid of a hope chest as a test. He liked my little painting of an old green Ford pickup parked next to a barn on a pumpkin field with Canadian geese brewing about and sent a stack (pictured in When will the first snow day be?)

I started this painting by adding little animals and suddenly lost interest. The animals took tons of time to paint and when it seemed liked I’d never finished I abandoned the design and started on a different one. It’s kind of like when you abandon books, later to return to them. I decided I had to finish the lid and revamped the design. The chest shape would look Ark like in its color and I found the cutest poem that would compliment the animals. The words were done with brush calligraphy style in a kid friendly print font and filled the space.


A calligrapher that I know told me that mistakes are rarely permanent and I didn’t believe her until I started working on this again. I sanded some animals off and re-stained until I had the layout I liked. I used tracing paper to write the words out prior to writing them on the wood – lightly so the texture of the wood would not show the indentations of the lettering. From the tracing paper, I was able to estimate the length each line of lettering would take to easily position it where it should go on my final product.

The paint’s opacity was lightened to create a stain effect for everything that was set on top of the animals. By the time I was finished with it, I was almost sad to let it go.
Come on snow day.


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