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Martin-Luther-King-JrThank goodness for Martin Luther King, Jr. on so many levels – the most trivial, of course, being that in celebrating his birthday we are awarded an extra day tacked on to the weekend.  Just one day – but it is like finding $20 in the pocket of your winter coat – the next winter.  I figured that since I had been after some change in the house – this was the weekend to tackle the project.  By ‘the project’ I never mean just one.  I tackle everything I’ve been thinking about doing on my entire list.  My mother – in – law laughs when I share my ‘to do’ list because they are not ‘to do’ lists of actual people with human qualities – not possessing super human powers.  They are extraordinarily long and usually result in a bill from a general contractor to clean up the ‘in over my head mess’ I caused in attempting to do what is was I tried and failed at accomplishing.  I worked through the inauguration – but listened to it while I went back and forth so many times ferrying things between bedrooms.  I purged bag after bag and set aside more shopping bags for family to drop items into them as I sorted.  Here is my reward to myself – sitting at around 9 on Monday after literally working from the second I got home on Friday – not really wanting to go back to work tomorrow since I have been so super productive here at home – sitting in front of my computer blogging about the real success of my to do list from this weekend for my followers – I mean follower – shout out to you down there in Fuquay.

The first thing I did Friday as soon as I got home was to start installing new 2″ blinds throughout the house. I am beyond happy that I have finally gotten rid of the roller shades that were here when we moved in. I never liked them, but the entire house was outfitted with them, so I left them. They lasted almost the nine years of our residence but I couldn’t take it anymore – not one more day. I had no idea how to measure for blinds but I did it and ordered and to my complete surprise – every single one fit just so. By mid morning Saturday, I had 11 sets of blinds mounted within the window frame hung by myself. I am pretty proud of that – it only took a few texts to my contractor brother and a phone call to a sleeping brother in law for two stubborn brackets that wouldn’t tighten, but that is one major check mark on my list and I love waking up seeing the sun peeking in through the slats. Here is a picture of the living room.

photo (3)

I did go ahead with the family room redo.  The sewing is still underway – that’s the daunting part – even though that fabric choices are already done and stacked in a three foot tall pile upstairs waiting for another block of time that I can work on a plethora of designs.  When that will be….I am thinking I also really love Abe Lincoln and George.  So here are the colors – a huge difference from what it was with the rust reds and mustard.  I also want to mention that this is – really this time – my no money re-do.  All of the fabric came together from my existing fabric stash and I am pulling things from all over to accessorize.

photo (2)

The basement is complete – minus a few little knick knacks here and there – so I thought I would share before and after pictures of that project. What used to be in the family room, is now in the basement. The only thing I am bugged about are my tulip paintings…

Here are the before and after pictures.

photo (4)

photo (10)

Since I had so much free time on my hands I thought I might as well make every level complete and utter chaos and decided to go for the much anticipated and talked about Great Room Swap too. These pictures are enough to make my type A sensitive skin crawl reliving the absolute disaster…here are pictures during…

photo (11)photo (12)

I also thought why make it easy and just switch rooms?  One has to be freshly painted before proceeding.  Yet – how can I do it all alone!?  I decided to bring a painter to help.  We used stools from my breakfast island instead of getting ladders from the garage.  I knew I’d keep my stool clean – I figured my friend would too.  Guess which stool was mine?

photo (6)

Here is the painted room – ready for (13)

I knew that moving two twin beds, my craft supplies, desk and three sewing machines into a smaller space would present a problem with space.  I removed the closet doors and created a niche for my desk inside the closet.  It fit perfectly and I was even able to scrounge up storage that complemented the room’s decor.  I love combination rooms – this one is the guest room and my project haven.

photo (8)photo (1)photo (7)

Below is my little guy’s bedroom – for the most part – waiting for a couple of things.  I am going to get him a big map of the world with the countries labeled with their capitals to hang above his bed and either decoupage it onto wood or have it framed.  If I can’t find the right color – I will get whatever and tea wash it.  Note new blinds!  Yippee!

As far as the family room got, it is pretty sparse right now with a bunch of mismatched stuff that I can’t even go in there.  It hasn’t been pulled together properly yet.  I can’t even use it it’s such an eyesore right now – but I sit for a few minutes to try to get the feel for where it’s going.  The red and mustard gingham window seat cushions, cornfield chenille and beige linen throw pillows with and navy and cream carpet are too much to bear.  The fireplace looks sad and empty and I am going to rifle through my pins to decide what to paint in the absence of the tulips – I have a 24″ by 50″ sized canvas that was my brother’s that I am pondering what would be just the right thing.  This week will be the beginning of the family room project –

A victory for the ravens yesterday means a happy husband planning a Superbowl party and what is a Superbowl party without a perfectly refreshed family room?

photo (24)


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