Artwork for the fireplace

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Now that my fireplace is bare, I have to come up with my focal point for the family room that will be what I am designing around.  I know my color scheme will be blues and neutral tones so I am not sure if I want to pin myself down to something that matches or to go with something entirely neutral so I can move things around when I want change again.

I have been searching Pinterest this week to no avail and I almost have every pin of interest to me catalogued in my head.  I am always drawn to motivational quotes and designs that contain lettering; something that is a reminder about making my children’s lives rich and fulfilling or always striving for your full potential are among my favorites.  I also love muted tones for this room like the horse watercolor above that I did in college – but it seems content above the sink in the laundry room.  Anything that has birds or nests are favorites.

I have a 24 by 50 inch canvas that I am thinking I will use to create new artwork.  I can’t decide whether to keep it as a whole piece, separate it in two, or even three.  I am also thinking of incorporating other objects like piano sheet music or copper details.  Any ideas?


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