Something good about a good old thing

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Imagine my glee when I awoke this morning to everything blanketed in snow.  I eagerly anticipated the call from the public information officer, urging me to stay at home, since schools were closed and finish my family room redo.  The call didn’t come but I cannot wait to keep working on my family room redo this weekend.  It’s simple when redesigning a space to practice the “out with the old and in with the new” philosophy – or in my case “out with the old and in with someone else’s old that I couldn’t pass up at the junk store.”

The great room switch is now a thing of the past and the one piece that I was going to buy was a nightstand for my boy’s new room.  My husband put a nightstand next to his bed that had been part of the old guest room that was GOING.  It was posted on Craigslist; I had a buyer; the thing was “sold.”  I did not even want that old piece brought into the new room- it had a place and its place wasn’t part of my plan anymore.  In being too tired from moving furniture and not having any other corner to stick it in, I left it next to my son’s bed for the time being.

In a fortuitous turn of events, the lady who agreed to purchase it emailed with a change of plans and I thought it was meant to be that I keep it.  I looked at the old girl – one of the very first pieces of furniture that I had refinished – bought for 14.95 at Goodwill – me being the only one who recalled that underneath the pristine glossy white finish was the original yellow paint with flecks of brown – remembering sawing off the legs to make it just the right height, with my grandfather looking on as I worked on it on the kitchen floor telling me, “Martha Stewart?  Who’s to say you can’t be the next Martha Stewart?” and feeling that was one of the nicest compliments he’d ever pay me and still reflecting on it after all of these years – knowing that the sister nightstand sleeps next to my sister’s girl, my lady niece, each night, with its own story to tell – and I realized that there are some things that can’t be replaced.   Pretty soon, probably after the family room project – another project is on the horizon.  I will redo the nightstand – in a dark stain washed over white – to match my son’s room this time and it will be one more part of the history of this good old (23)


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