“Women lost in time and anonymity live on in the handiwork of their daughters.”

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The above quote sticks in my head from an unknown source that I read years ago and cannot seem to find the author today.  I love it when I think about it.  It is hard to reflect on what times were like when my great – great – grandmother must have been alive and how she created things – clothing – dish towels – especially when I think of how easy it is today with technology powering embroidery machines and electric sewing machines with all kind of stitches.  My grandmother is a crafter and throughout my life I have marveled at the things she has made – handsewn dolls fashioned in the style of the Cabbage Patch Kid fad, holiday dolls with tiny glasses for Santa and Mrs. Claus, and magnet faces made out of stockings.  Over the years, the things that my grandmother has made are precious memories of my grandparents just being around.  Recently, I wrote my grandmother a card to thank her for keeping fond memories at the forefront during the holidays by giving items that reminded me of my childhood.  She shared the card with my mom – surprised at the things that I remembered and not realizing how important she had been in my life until she saw it written down.

From this background, my sister and I are both artisans as well.  My sister sews all things children – custom designed clothing, embroidered creations, and pajamas for every holiday.  I branched out into diverse forms of art – calligraphy, sewing, painting, and furniture tweaking and building.  For me, there is nothing like creating something with your hands and I enjoy it tenfold knowing that I made it myself.  With my own daughter, I hope that by osmosis crafting will be in her blood and that picking up a needle or a brush will become second nature as she grows and ultimately teaches her own daughter.

In your own life, however you choose to create – know that it perpetuates a generations from long before and makes each day more special.



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