As easy as chicken soup

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chicken soupI haven’t been posting lately because I am in the midst of a huge master bedroom closet redo.  The before picture is posted below…more pictures to come during a future reveal post.  The demolition took about 3 hours, but the putting back together is taking much longer than the entire 2 days I set aside for the project.  There are piles of clothing on every surface of furniture in our upstairs.  I can hardly stand to be at the house – especially upstairs – because of the mess.  My impatient nature is truly being tested with this project.  This is the first time I have done any drywall work and there is no w

ay to rush the process.  One of the peaks of the ceiling had to be retaped and new joint compounded.  It has had three layers of compound on it and I will sand it tonight to finish priming.  I picked a very light gray from Benjamin Moore to compliment the galvanized metal, weathered wood, and stainless fixtures that will go back in place.  I have the vision, but the elbow grease it takes to get there is overwhelming.

During this project, my daughter came down with a sore throat and I made her favorite homemade organic chicken soup.  She likes it when I make chicken soup with everything chopped into teeny tiny pieces.  Here is the approved kid tested recipe:

2 organic chicken breasts

A bunch of carrots

A couple of potatoes

Two sautéed onions

A heavy sprinkling of turmeric

Organic pasta from Whole Foods (whatever is in the cabinet)


Freshly ground pepper

Sprigs of parsley and cilantro

Chop each item very small – into one by one centimeter cubes.  Saute until chicken is cooked through; add water, salt, pepper, pasta, and herbs and simmer until cooked through.

Chicken soup does wonders for sore throats.

closet before

I wish it did the same for closet redos.


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