Refinished Antique Windsor Chairs

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photo (16)

There are some pieces of furniture that make you feel good – think about simpler times during childhood and bring back memories of the times spent with people you love.  For me, it’s my grandparents’ Windsor chairs that were part of their kitchen set.  I remember sitting there at the table with my grandmother and grandfather, surrounded by my grandmother’s copper collection on shelves built at almost ceiling height in the house in the mountains overlooking their backyard with a salt block for passing deer.

I thought I would add to the set and happened to find two arm chairs that would compliment the side chairs and make a complete set of six.  I traveled far out west in search of this prize and brought them home ready to refinish them.

photo (14)

I scrubbed them down with TSP before sanding them well.  Kitchen chairs – especially old kitchen chairs – have oils that build up over years of use from people and foods that would cause the paint to bubble.  TSP and sanding helps the paint adhere properly.

photo (15)

I repaired one dowel that had broken along the back with some glue and a good clamp.

photo (13)

They were primed using Zinsser primer and painted with two coats of satin Powdered Snow, by Behr.

photo (12)

They lingered for a while in the kitchen before I thought it was time to pass them on.  The process had only taken a couple of days and my investment, aside from the labor, was minimal and we had too many chairs.  It was time for a new family – a girl came to pick them up who said she was moving down south with her two kids.  I packed them up and they were gone.


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