Bar stool slipcovers

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After the painted ruined one of my barstools in the kitchen I thought I would have to do a quick reupholstery job – which I could have done in about 10 minutes and been finished.  Always choosing the hard road, I decided to make slip covers for the four or them to match my lighter color scheme.  These stools get a lot of wear and tear since they are around the kitchen island from my own kids, friends, and even the cat when something smells good at high altitudes.

I bought fabric that is very thick and durable and would handle frequent washes in a neutral shade and white muslin for the lining.  I traced the top of one of the stools to serve as my pattern piece.  I cut out four rounds from my fabric and four rounds from the muslin.  I estimated that a 5 inch drop skirt would be the right length; it’s not too long but long enough to stay in place.  I stitched my drop skirts into a 47″ loop that fit the diameter of my stool.


I should have serged these edges to reinforce the seams, but wanted to finish the project so I topstiched instead at the end.I used the stool as my mannequin and pinned the skirt around the round pattern piece allowing about 3/8″ for a seam on both the choice fabric and my lining fabric.



I wanted a little ruffle around the edge so I cut 2 2″ wide strips, serged the together and ironed them in half so they would be about an inch long when sewn.  I serged along the length before using my regular sewing machine to box pleat them.  Box pleating takes a lot of fabric and I ended up using about 2 and a half times the diameter of my stool for each stool.


After the box pleat was prepared, it was time to mount it to the lining piece.  I mounted it with the “right side” of my box pleat folded against the “right side” of my lining so when I opened it flat, everything would look nice.  I stitched this in place.


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I mentioned in another posting when I was factory sewing a slew of things that were repetitive, check while you sew after each step to ensure it is right – that way you avoid repeating the same mistake 6 times and then having to remove it six times.  I put the lining on with the box pleat trim and checked the look of it.


I kept the lining in place (good side facing toward the stool and the seam side facing out since it would be covered with the fabric) and popped the fabric right over the top of it.


Now it was time to work from the outside.  I pinned everything in place so it wouldn’t turn as I was stitching.  I turned the good fabric under about 3/8″ and topstitched around it right over the initial seam I had made in my box pleat so nothing yucky would be seen from underneath or on top.  It was a really quick finish and they came out looking like little wedding cakes.  Yum!



2 thoughts on “Bar stool slipcovers

    houseofgreene said:
    2013/02/25 at 9:06 pm

    Just read through your blog – love your ideas!

      Rosanne Anderson said:
      2016/09/09 at 2:07 pm

      I love those slipcovers. I can’t find any online like that. I do not see. Can you tell me where I can find those to buy or who can make me 2 to fit a 17″ bar stool?

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