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photo (23)Boy!  Today we celebrated the upcoming arrival of one of my girlfriend’s first baby.  The spring bundle is due in several weeks and we thought it was high time to break from the duldrums of the winter blues and celebrate this new little life with a baby shower.  I (and my partner in crime) chose colors in white, pale blue, and light green as our theme with milk glass serving pieces.  I made poms in a variety of sizes, including the full size tissue paper sheet (12 sheets of tissue paper per pom) that were accordion folded, folded in half lengthwise, and trimmed into blossom ends before tying thread to anchor them around the ceiling.  I made smaller poms by cutting tissue paper in half lengthwise before folding it and I reduced the number of sheets to 6-8 per smaller pom.

I mixed in lanterns made by Martha Stewart and white crepe paper to create a large eye catching display.  I used a vintage scallop edged blue and white table cloth under the dishes.

photo (26)

Our menu was light and simple for an afternoon party:

chicken salad sandwiches on mini rolls

-shrimp with cocktail sauce

-lemon cupcakes with vanilla frosting and shaved coconut

-small cheese danishes with blackberries, strawberries, or raspberries

-cucumbers peeled in striped and cut into rounds, organized like fallen dominoes

-celery stalks cut into thirds lengthwise and halved with ranch dip

-coffee, tea

-ginger ale punch with rainbow sherbet

photo (25)

photo (22)
Smaller white pom and crepe paper ribbon hanging from dining chandelier

It was a lovely laid – back afternoon.  All of the ladies shared stories of when their children were born and the different experiences accumulated.  No matter what the circumstance, it is a moment you never forget as long as you live.  You anticipate the arrival of your wee being for 40 weeks – count down the minutes until you hold your infant in your arms and in that moment when you transition from protectively surrounding your child within to being next to your child and you’ve lost that connection where you were as close as any two people could be just a blink before can’t be compared to any other experience life brings. I watched my dear friend soak in the glow of motherhood – the stories, presents for her new baby, and goodies to pamper herself  – blind now to the immense love she will experience when she sees ten fingers wriggling in the hospital air and hears the cry of a familiar stranger that she has always known and think how fortunate her baby will be to have such an amazing mother with the capacity to give, understand, with patience to the ends of the earth.  What a lucky new family starting out – my children have brought sweetness to my life like no other and it wasn’t like living until they arrived.  Congratulations C – all the best wishes and we can’t wait to meet J_______   W_______!

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