I wish I thought of that!

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Yellow with white polka dots, black fabric with tiny white polka dot trim, white ribbon, initial and bee embroidery

The pillowcase dress – it’s the simplest fashionable design to sew in a matter of minutes when someone needs something new to wear. My sister frequently makes them for my niece who looks like a It’s cute on someone wearing bloomers, a preteen hippie shirt, or a work outfit cinched with a belt. I sampled making a couple that multiplied because there were so many fun combinations and it required basically scraps of fabric to complete.

White, with turquoise and silver fabric, with a box pleat formal trim, white ribbon, and a Carolina blue monogram

I found a very good tutorial here that offers size guidelines for different ages – but really it’s a try, check, revise type project depending on your subject.  It takes your fabric, some ribbon, a coordinating trim fabric, and if you use an embroidery machine that’s a fun way to personalize or embellish your design.


Here are some more completed projects:



2 thoughts on “I wish I thought of that!

    Michelle said:
    2013/03/14 at 2:39 am

    Thank you so much for putting up your blogon the faux bookshelves. My hubby usally helps me withthings like that but aI wanted to surprise him with something I did on my own. Let me tell ya I give carpenters their props in their art. It was alittle nerve wrecking but myself and daughter did it. The best thing about it was walking into home depot with all the measurements right and acting like I knew what I was talking about and the things I needed so thank you for that they seemed impressed too. Although one associate asked if I needed to call my hubby to make sure. Thanks so much everything turned out beautiful and we my daughter and I had fun doing it together. My honey was very impressed thanks again. Definetly will be back for more home upgrades because I have the confidence in myself to do it now.

      threadsandpaint responded:
      2013/03/14 at 9:28 am

      You are so welcome! Way to go- doesn’t it feel great!? I’m proud of you. Now that you’ve done that you can tackle anything.

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