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Mannequin before the move to my new sewing niche

A couple of years ago I bought one of those adjustable mannequins for sewing clothing.  I do not use patterns when I sew, and since furniture has always been easy to slip cover and upholster, I figured clothing shouldn’t be difficult if I had a stationary form to use in creating my designs.  The thing was huge, sluggish, and just plain ugly.  I couldn’t find a place to stash it when it wasn’t in use so I sold it.  A while later, I regretted it being in the midst of a new project and began the search again.

photo (29)
Sewing girl serves a purpose as a wedding dress redo

I found another ugly mannequin – only this time is wasn’t adjustable.  It was covered in a jersey sock-like cream knit with scuffs on one side from being tossed around in a store front that was long closed down.  I bought it for $20 and hauled it home again.  It teetered on its stand until my dad fixed it and made it stand upright again.  I covered the entire thing with osnaburg fabric – which if you do not know what osnaburg is – you are missing out.  It is a cotton linen – like look with specks of natural tones for about a third of the cost of linen.  It is not as smooth as fine weaves, but certainly has that middle of the road perfect neutral.

photo (30)
Sewing girl busy again serving as a waist for a gem stone belt on lace.

I meticulously stitched the fabric right on top of the knit using uniform stitches that were hidden, yet showed that it was hand stitched.  I used the same fabric that serves as my throw pillows on the iron twin beds in the room as well as my sewing chair slip cover to make a rosette to pin at the neckline to dress it up.  I use it from time to time – think about selling it just as much – but love the purpose my sewing girl serves.

photo (28)


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