Forgotten Family Room Redo

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photo (31)
My new color palette

Amidst all of the projects I confront, my attention for finishing one wanes before initiating the first steps of the next.  Such is the case with the family room redo.  It is complete – for the most part – as much as anything can possibly ever be complete in this house; everything is subject to revision at all times – yet I realized that I never posted the before and after pictures.  My color palette is above and has always been my preferred choice, but furniture sizes etc. dictated otherwise when we moved in here about 9 years ago so I went red.

I am very happy with the redo.  It is like winter inhaled and spring exhaled through the house and the lighter colors make me ready for warmer weather outside (after the upcoming major snowstorm, snow day, and a day of baking with the kids sledding outside).

To top it off, my daughter taught me the most amazing way to feature before and after pictures.  I tried to do it myself with a computer based software, but I eyed some program she was using and tried to see if I could find it.  Once she realized I was trying to download it but couldn’t think of my own itunes username or password, she said, “Oh mama…” and just did it for me.  Voila – a great way to showcase the before and after pictures.  She uses it to feature “throwbacks” – posing for the same style picture years apart.  I will let my attention wander for one moment and feature the picture of all of her pictures that just looked precious:

Here’s to throwbacks that make mama happy.

Back to the project now…

I redid the window seat and changed the herringbone red and mustard seat cushions for an old Calico Corners geometric leaf design I had stashed away (that is also on the wing chairs in my living room).  I prewashed it which would enable me to wash it in the future as needed and it gave the fabric this fabulous rippled effect that looked so shabby chic that it made me wish I had done it for the wing chairs.  All of the pillows were recovered or repurposed in the basement.  I loved my window treatment before because the style was so simple.  I used one length of fabric, folded it in half so both sides would be the pretty fabric (no white lining) and pinned it over the rod so it is just haphazardly up there.  I did incorporate a ruffle along the bottom edge of the new linen curtain.  This style curtain is perfect for the rooms where I still have grandmother roller shades.  I do not like the roller shades, but the back of the house is east facing and the morning sun beats in so we have to close them when it gets really hot out.  The valance style curtain hides the ugly roll.  I think that roller is the best style room darkening element; my thought eventually is to cut off the scalloped edge and recover the entire shade with linen to make it look a tad better.

picstitch (1)
Before and after window seat and sideboard

My grandparents’ sideboard (the one that USED to match their buffet) was redone under a coat of paint – the whole treatment – primer, a cream that I had stashed in the garage, rubbed down with a sage paint like lotion once it was dry, then roughed up.  I am hoping that is okay with grandpa.  He totally got how I am with projects though so I am thinking he would be good with it.  I switched the more formal light from the old room with the green antique French wine jug lamp that my grandfather made which found a nice homey spot on the sideboard.

My paintings were added to the basement decor so I made a new painting (and featured its design in another blog posting here).  I darkened the frame a bit yesterday afternoon the barnwood was a little too light for the room and didn’t give the ‘POP’ I was hoping for with the painting, so I used the rusty dregs of some stain left in a can in the garage to darken it up.  I lightened the knick knacks from reds and dark browns to tans an, blues, and greens but kept my beloved copper accents.

The carpet was switched with the basement carpet.  The leather sofa was freshened up with lighter pillows and a trendy crewel throw, backed with an old matlasse coverlet that needed some new life.  The coffee table – my $12.50 gem of a find – was painted all the way around and given the same treatment as the sideboard.

Before and after fireplace, coffee table, and sofa

Whew – a big project with lots and lots of sewing – but I am so happy to have repurposed so much of what I already had and be able to create an entirely different look.  It was time to freshen up – another check off of the list and now onto other projects.


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