A new start

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persian3This morning, as of New York time, spring arrived at 7:02 am.  With spring comes the expectation of new growth, rebirth, a new approach.  The Persian New Year begins at the moment of the spring equinox and incorporates centuries of culture in their celebration.  In all Iranian and Iranian – American households, families set a new year table with symbolic items for luck in the coming year.  Read more about the traditions using this link:


I plan my color scheme for the Persian New Year like any other holiday in our house.  I collect amberware and typically incorporate it in my design because of its warmth.  I’ve included some of the pictures from my new year table and wish you the best in celebrating your own fresh start this spring.

A Seville orange to represent the world floating in space
Garlic to represent the origins of medicine


Wheat grass grown from lentils
photo (22)
Naturally coloring eggs using pomegranates, turmeric, and onion skins
Sprouted wheat grass on a brass tray

persian2 persian1


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