Hellebores – Lenten Rose

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photo (25)Hellebores, which are better known as Lenten Roses, are an under celebrated gem in the garden.  They come in a variety of muted colors and grow from small rhizomes to entice expectant gardeners outside toward the end of winter.  Their shades range from mauvey – purple to a unique, creamy green.  Hellebores grow when it is truly the tail end of winter and nothing else is venturing to stick its neck above the soil.  Their green leaves prepare themselves before their flowers to pop into bells and open into such lovely blooms.

I planted my hellebores about 5 years ago and there was a year or two when nothing happened.  Day after day working at the kitchen sink in front of a window under a gray winter sky brighten when I notice that out over the hill, they have set their blooms.  The embankment is soon afterward awakened by spring’s gentle hand – the neighboring daffodils burst into sunshine – the crocuses creep along the open floor of the woods.

Happiness is just around the corner when you least expect it.  It’s easy to forget how spectacular new life can be as it lies docile beneath the winter ground; it’s worth the wait and suffering through the hardened months of frigid temperatures to be greeted by a fresh outlook.  Just open your eyes to see that what was once dead rebounds when you never think it will and each year will surprise the cultivator with new growth when tended.

photo (24)


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