Doorway to the soul

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A front door color is a difficult color to pick.  In the nine years that I have lived in my house our front door has been red (feng shui), graphite, sage, Christmas green, and now a new mossy tone.  I had a hard time settling on the right one and I keep thinking that a different color will be better.  It is such a small area to paint – even though it does require some interesting cutting with the handle and lock.

Here is the before:photo (50)

Since I have painted it so many times before I thought I would invest in proper prep work this time around to make it the most smooth finish it could be.  I used sandpaper made for metal and sanded any drip areas or rough spots, primed it using Rustoleum made for metal, and then painted it again with paint with primer made for exterior surfaces.  I did three coats since it is exposed to the elements and I am hoping this color will be the sticking color that is ‘me.’

Here is the after:

photo (56)


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