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photo (35)

What a grand scale construction project during spring break.  I was completely in my element during the recent siding replacement at my house.  Early in the morning they set up and began breaking the entire shell of the house down – that took most of one day’s worth of work.  I felt bad walking the perimeter taking pictures but I love documenting the progress. They peeled it down to the middle of the onion so I could see everything below.  You realize surprising thigns about your house when it is exposed – there was a hole in the wood on one side of the fireplace – there was NO insulation across the top half of one part of the house that explained why it was always so cold.  All of these flaws were corrected during the installation of new siding and it is such a comfort to know that it was a job well done in the end.

We opted for Certainteed’s Carolina Beaded 6 1/2″ vinyl siding in Savannah Wicker because I think it compliments my favorite interior paint color – that was originally a Benjamin Moore color – translated in paint language to Home Depot’s Parisian Taupe – reformulated once again to Duron’s ‘top of the line never have to paint it again unless you are changing the color’ version of Parisian Taupe, lightened by 50%.  I could not be happier with the choice.  We also decided to wrap the windows with wider frames to give them a ‘pop’ that I think worked well using 2 1/2″ wide strips.

Here are some more before construction pictures – including the thinner aluminum siding that was a chalky gray after 21 years and such a blah color to match.  Notice that I did flag my peonies which were barely escaping the ground during the day of the redo.

photo (36)photo (52)

Here are some after pictures:

photo (47)


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