How to make petite cakes

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I’m not posting this how to because I am an expert – I am anything but – however I wanted a place to figure out how to make cake balls for my daughter’s birthday and I found many different resources online and everyone has their own idea of what works for them.  I read a bit, asked around, and then used my own test and revise practice and here is how it went:

My husband ran around getting my ingredients for the party while I was at home making the preparations.  He picked up a cake pop maker that my sister recommended.  The directions said it makes each batch in 4-5 minutes.  I think it was more like 7 but it is no time at all before you have en entire cake mix completed.   I cleaned the cake maker prior to the first use, added some canola oil to each little half using a paper towel, and let it heat up.  I started with a standard box cake mix – although you could use your own homemade recipe with better results I am sure.

photo (59)

While I was mixing the ingredients, I plugged in the marvelous mini cake making machine.   The directions instructed users to discard the initial batch because the flavor could be affected – which I did.  It took some getting used to to figure out exactly the right amount of batter to put in.  If you add too much it makes a mess and you are left cleaning the edges of the cake balls and it will even spurt out the sides of the machine if you aren’t careful.

photo (66)

photo (60)

Once I got the gist of it, they came out quickly and neatly and I was finished by 10 o’clock last night.  I arranged them in a Pyrex baking dish to put int eh freezer overnight before they’d be iced.

photo (61)

I used Wilton white melting candy chocolates.  The directions were clear enough on the package – so read them and follow them.  I always think I will figure out a faster way and since the chocolates did not appear to be melting during the incremental heatings in the microwave – I did not think the package was SERIOUS when it said to stir it.  So I waited and kept heating until they looked like they were melting and the chocolate was actually scorched a bit.  So stir.  I dipped each piece in, coated the back with a spoonful of chocolate and shook the extra back into the glass dish.  The toothpicks were small and shook around inside the cake so they weren’t the best at holding it straight.  When the cakes were really frozen it seemed to hold better.  I added small green sugar decorations and tiny white nonpareils.


I set the table with dessert for the girls and I packed two extra petite cakes into pink and white polka dotted take out boxes to go home as one of their favors.

photo (65)


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