Veggies and summer rain

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My daughter laughs hysterically when she reads my blog posts with adjectives trying to bring imagery to a situation for a reader. I always tell young writers you have to write so the audience ‘sees’ it- write to ‘show’ them – not to ‘tell’ them. She giggles after reading about the pantry door in the summer at our house saying, “It’s exactly like that, mama.”

Another detail that reminds me that summer has arrived is the smell of water from the garden hose. There’s something about it – the water that lingered in the length of hose before bursting out into the hot sticky summer air that just takes me back to being a kid playing in the sprinkler- its stale rubbery odor that comes from bring warmed in the sun. It has this smell that takes me right to that place- the same way the smell of caterpillar cocoons takes me back to when I held a butter jar full of sleeping caterpillars – cupped with two small four year old hands – awaiting the day they’d awaken as butterflies. However – nowadays I’m not playing with water and watching caterpillars but tending the veggies in my garden.

In the evening I like to walk outside when the air has cooled and see how much growth my cucumbers have seen during a day of hanging on a vine or watch the reddening of a tomato lingering at the stake for more sun drenched color. It’s the same hopeful feeling as when I was a child – but now I’m the mom with a big person agenda. Tonight I raced outside before a summer rain hit to pluck a few gems from the garden. My happiness comes from slicing freshly picked vegetables and cut herbs into the hands of my own little ones and watching them build their own nostalgia.



One thought on “Veggies and summer rain

    michaelawanders said:
    2013/07/10 at 4:46 pm

    My mom instilled in me a love of gardening and all things outdoors, but at the time when I was a kid I HATED several of our gardening activities! Weeding, harvesting, I was such a brat but now I think fondly towards the great education I had in eating our own home grown veggies (and participating in their growth!). So great that your kids get to experience it as well!

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