Painted mirror

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I take ‘before’ pictures to document progress on my projects but this was a challenge to photograph. When I sent the picture to my sister to show her what I’d gotten she said “What? The knobby knees?” No, those were free unfortunately – the mirror!

I’m pretty much determined this summer that I can transform almost anything (with the exception of knobby knees). As a true test I bought this mirror to see what could be done with it. I saw it leaning against the thrift shop wall intermingled between different frames without a price. It’s extraordinarily heavy but I dragged it out and to my delightful surprise the lady said $14.95. SOLD!

I brought it home, washed it off – prints on the mirror and grime on the wood. My husband told me to get rid of it because I wouldn’t be able to do much with it but I was determined. He didn’t like the medallions on both ends so I removed one and filled the holes. I put one coat of paint on it that contained primer in it. I used a creamier shade for the main part and pure white for the trim.


I sanded the face and edges right after it was painted and I pulled off larger streaks of paint than I am used to but I went with it anyway. I used a soft cloth to apply a dark furniture wax all over it without buffing it off but letting it all dry.

As I mentioned it’s very heavy so I will have to get help to hang it later but thought I’d try for a better after shot:



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