Milk painted nightstand

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I held on to this nightstand that I worked on with my grandfather with the intention of refinishing it for my son’s room (above link). That was about six months ago and I’m pleased to announce that it’s finally finished.

Miss Mustard Seed released a new color – artissimo- to add to her line of milk paint. I fell in love with the color and decided to use it as my initiation into experimenting with milk paint. I’ve heard great things about milk paint and I thought the ultimate test would be to try it on a piece that I reprinted years ago using semi gloss paint. Yuck it looks horrible but when I first started refinishing furniture I thought it was a transformation. I told my daughter that I planned to use it because it was natural and seemed safer than standard paints and I love it when the reaction is such that makes me think I’m the most uncool parent. She said, “Mama, are you a hippie or something?” Why yes, I must be a hippie with the greatest re-re-finished nightstand.

My decision to use milk paint took me far off of my typical paint path. I usually opt for oops paints that are cast offs of other people to not only save the environment from excess trash and waste but they are also such economical choices for a quick fix. Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint was a splurge and after using it for the first time – I am sold. There are many vendors online who sometimes even offer free shipping.

It turned out that artissimo was back ordered so I was late to receive my order but it did show a few days later. I understand why it’s in high demand. I used the bonding agent with the color since I didn’t want too much of the ugly white showing through. I put on two coats if paint and after watching the online tutorials it goes on and behaves exactly as I expected. I didn’t worry about making smooth lines and I even let drips run. It dried quickly and I sanded it down all over. It is the quickest paint job I’ve done and I finished it off with Miss Mustard Seed’s antiquing wax. I wanted this piece to look like it came over on a boat for my son’s nautical motif.



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