Summer of projects

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It all starts with a list. Summer stretched out ahead of me like a journey across the country- long, endless, any path fair game. Now, in hindsight it always seems so short and that seizing each and every moment for love and productivity escaped me. Most of what was on my dream summer to do list – the bucket list of summer 2013 never got finished. I’m okay with that because now the list is my fall to do list.

As far as fun in the sun I think it was the best summer yet.



Productivity wise it wasn’t too bad either.



Wedding veil handmade for a friend using lace from her mother’s wedding dress. It’s a mantilla style 108″ length.

I bought an apricot clawfoot tub that I saw in a different vision… More to come.



I hand painted a set of kitchen cabinets- 35 drawer and door faces, installed new hardware, and antiqued them.


Cleaned the garage. Then I decided to get started on renovations.


One thought on “Summer of projects

    kmtcapecod said:
    2013/09/21 at 6:38 pm

    I’ve been making a list all day!!! The garage is on the list. Thanks for the motivation. I felt good knowing that I’m not the only one making lists!

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