The guinea pig

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There’s nothing like the sound of construction overhead, sketches and measurements, and swatches and samples for new designs to make me any happier. My husband thinks I just love the smell of paint and has offered to just buy me a gallon to sniff if it’d take the place of my actual need for construction. There’s nothing that takes that place. Waking up to a room in its present state and watching it evolve into what only I could see in my head is indescribable.

That was the bathroom first thing in the morning. Only a few short joyful hours later it became:

I started with the small bathroom to work out all of the kinks to make it just right for the master. The contractor worked all day and I worked a bunch at night on things I wanted to do myself.


I used Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint in Ironstone and antiqued the faces.
I painted the vanity cabinets myself. I used wood conditioner and sanded it after it dried that created the two different colors featured here.




The above was pre paint.




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