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This week and weekend was a whirlwind of a time. My daughter stayed after school to decorate the freshman hallway for homecoming week last week. It’s been a week of remembering what it was like. I remember painting and building great creative structures to outdo the other classes. My husband wasn’t sure what hallway decorating was or why she had to stay after and both he and my daughter laughed at me when I asked if she’d gotten her homecoming ticket yet or not. It was quite funny they thought – ‘what does mama know?’ Needless to say, a week later I received a text asking if she could buy her homecoming ticket.

Ticket in hand, she eagerly approached the week with great anticipation. Plans changed and changed again. By Friday, the night of the homecoming game, with technology at its finest, she played a video she had filmed while walking down the freshman hallway. Her camera took it all in, following behind the crowd in between classes, the chatter of the students remarking about the handiwork, and the enchanted mood of being a teenager in high school again. It was surreal watching the video- it was yesterday again and I was in that hallway walking. Only now it’s my daughter and she was getting ready to leave for football with black streaks across the apples of her cheeks and an NFL jersey on.

It didn’t hit me until I was driving – and of course when I was without a tissue. How can time have passed as quickly as it has? How is it that she’s grown up as much as she has and be ready for homecoming when it was like last night I was there in a hot pink bubble dress myself? She was going with a group of friends – no dates – just a mess of them but no matter what the circumstance I’m not sure I will ever be ready. If time passes as fast as it seems to be passing, I’ve only got the equivalent of a couple of days to get it right. I want her to grow up right, conservatively, protect her heart and make sure her priorities are proper -so I ordered a corsage for her because I figured the first boy who slips a corsage on her wrist was going to be her daddy and she’d better remember that.

It was the most amazing photo opportunity – the sky clear brilliant fall blue and the leaves just beginning to change- the sun taking on the hue that it only does so well at this time of year. I snapped about 100 some pictures that I came home and edited while my eyelids drooped and she danced the night away until after midnight. It’s hard to be the mom at home looking at pictures of someone who is my dream come true and will always have my heart no matter how hard she makes it at her age for me just to love her. My mom did it and I will too. This will be her yesterday in too short a time, but for now I’m savoring that my little girl- who easily stayed up full of youthful energy last night in high heels and a fancy dress is already fast asleep in her bed at 6 PM – still in today’s clothes.


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