Another time around

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Anything old is my favorite of favorite things. When I find a stack of appetizer plates and can trace the pattern back to the early 1900s, I think about the parties they’d been invited to over the years- guests holding them in hand and laughing merrily in a time gone by. The scratches and imperfections visible memories of evenings that were – birthdays, weddings, celebrations. Antique furniture has the same appeal. While sitting at an old dining table, I think about the countless gatherings for family dinners, holidays, and late night conversations between parents and their children as they grew. It’s authentic history when cherished belongings are passed down through generations- the silent folklore that resides if only these pieces could talk. There is nothing like reflecting on this when I have a vintage piece – so imagine my delight when I found a stash of ornaments that belonged to an elderly gentleman for sale. I started yet another collection last year- this time ornaments. When I picked these ‘new’ additions up the other day I didn’t even look inside the boxes to count or explore until I got home. I was more intent as I listened as he told me about how the ornaments were from his own childhood while he helped me put them in my car – perplexed how he was able to part with them. I drove around with them seat-belted next to me in the passenger seat until the afternoon delight of Friday arrived. Immediately inside the door, on the floor, I gently unpacked the ornaments and began sorting them into cardboard compartments to store for one more month. Each color was unique and delicately detailed, the mottled color almost flaking off on some, and the genuine patina of old metal tops unmistakable. All in all, there easily must have been 200 ornaments packed within the three boxes – an entire tree worth of someone’s life story – who I met for a moment and will never see again. This season add to a collection from someone else’s past and see how that makes the holiday more precious.


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