My vintage vibe tree

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Over the past couple of years I’ve added slowly to a vintage ornament collection. I came across a huge stash for sale this fall that sat in a box in the family room well before the much anticipated Christmas season commenced – certain that I’d use many of the newest additions from my collection. After considering how many I had amassed, I decided my family room decor theme would strictly be vintage. Anything that hadn’t patina-ed, tarnished, chipped, or muddled in color wouldn’t have a place; not that my familiar ornaments aren’t special but this is me living wild and crazy Christmas.

I spent the afternoon yesterday decorating the tree with my daughter and we hung more ornaments than I’ve ever put on any tree before. Literally each bough is adorned with multiple baubles in different styles, colors, and ‘circas’. I guess I will never decorate with this latest set of ornaments again without thinking of the seller. He said his grown kids and their families didn’t want the ornaments – even though many had been his since childhood- and they were downsizing so he was glad to part with them. Not even my family, but I can’t help but think of him as a child- small hands that grew into elderly hands that held onto new shaky, chubby fingers each year at this time as they prepared for holiday festivities. How to part with such cheerful history…

I love how the cracks and imperfections of each globe pick up the lights and the crooked hangers have carefully been rebent until they’ve weakened tightly grabbing onto piney branches. The horizontal stripes wrapping in even bands, the dry thick glitter, and the non existent ringer underneath the bell just aren’t manufactured with this kinda holiday charm anymore. There are no two ornaments alike and it’s the perfectly vintage not perfect tree for all time for us.



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