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Wow. I’m shocked. I woke up this morning to the sound of rain scattering evenly on the roof just knowing by the sound that the gray day would linger – chilly and not so noteworthy. I rolled over, checked the time on my phone, and skimmed email messages with one eye open – still before daylight broke. The top pins of 2013 from Pinterest was mixed in a list of inconsequential messages. I didn’t read it. Didn’t even open it. I was on the phone with my sister when I scrolled through the list of 609 top pins for the year and there – amidst the revels of creativity from people all over the world – my one pin – among 609 total – my one pin of 19 top home decor pins – pinners thought was worthy. I recognized the image of my faux built ins that flank either side of my living room walls as one of the early pins from my blog. ‘Wow’ I thought – of all of the things I see on Pinterest and celebrate the genius of fellow crafters – my idea was somebody’s motivation. I’m not famous – as my sister laughed and sarcastically said when I told her and forwarded her my personal email from Pinterest themselves – but to know that my idea is out there being shared and may entice someone- especially a mom – or sister – or daughter – to roll up the sleeves of their paint splattered work shirt, grab some tools, and hit the hardware store to construct with their own two hands makes me feel quite honored. Here’s to new beginnings, fresh starts, trying something new, looking ahead, new leaves, and all the best for new year 2014.

Here’s the original blog link for my project from

And the update with more information:


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