Vintage linen basket liner

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I love vintage linens. There’s something about any party fare that makes these old pieces such a treasured item. I think of the evening’s plates spent in someone’s hand, filled with delicate patisseries; linens that rested under lit chandeliers during formal dinners; and the conversations exchanged in their silent presence. It’s one of those ‘if only they could talk’ kinda moments. I usually steer clear of altering/sewing/cutting old things, but preserve them in their original state.

Neatly wrapped in tissue paper with acid free written description labels, my collection of vintage linens sits lonely in the linen closet and largely unused save a few staple pieces I keep out all of the time. Snow days are a delight but I get stir crazy. I pulled out my stack of linens to rifle through and thought- why don’t I make a basket liner for my laundry basket in my bathroom? It’s a well made basket so I anticipate that it’ll be around a good long while. I renovated my master bathroom this past summer with vintage flair so the authentic linens were the perfect touch. I chose some pieces that seemed proportionate to the basket. One was monogrammed with an ‘M’ and while that isn’t my monogram, I thought it added to the charm.

I closed one eye as I started the first cut. All in all I used three pieces and truly all that was leftover were unusable fragments. I didn’t like the thought of wasting a shred of the linens. Even worse I dreaded confessing what I had done to my mother who passed the linens to me from my grandmother. It came out perfectly and my mom’s stance was better to use it than not.





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