The mistress of Threads and Paint

Have you ever looked at a design picture and thought, “I could make that.”?  I have been an avid magazine clipping, scrapbook idea capturing person for as long as I can remember.  Beautiful things catch my eye and I am motivated to delve into the possibilities of making them myself.    A suggestion that makes life more lovely, a painting that reminds me of a season, or phrases using the lost art of fine lettering containing a priceless thought are stepping stones for my artwork – all of these are salvaged and reserved for the time they come in handy to be made.  My idea book, filled with ripped and cut portions of glossy magazines in random ordered pages, coupled with intermingled drawings from my kids’ first stages of holding writing instruments, began falling apart recently.   For my birthday, I simply asked for a three ring binder with plastic sleeves so I could reassemble my book.  My husband thought it was ridiculous that my birthday wish was for a school supply item found at a discount department store – but it goes beyond that.  My wish was for all things pleasing to the eye, pleasant to behold, touching to the heart when read; my idea book holds all of those things that I have so carefully preserved year after year of our marriage.  How many times have I finished a Thanksgiving dinner and sat flipping through the familiar pages to see decorating ideas and festive colors in anticipation of the holidays around the corner or lounging in the frigid depths of winter in front of a football game on television, that I have no interest in, dreaming about warmer days spent in the garden?  I am a mother, wife, teacher, chef, calligrapher, painter, gardener, amateur furniture builder and refinisher, with boundless creative energy who is long on motivation but always short on time.

With the evolution of technology, I have become accustomed to pinning on boards that aren’t really any more organized than my good old ‘idea book’. I am not a technology savvy person and everything I have learned about blogging and pinning has come from asking friends and family.  I am able to create something from nothing and usually end up saving certain things knowing they will be useful for a future project.  I believe in repurposing, reusing, and giving new life to something old.  I love old stories and memories of days gone by and think we can’t learn enough from each other and try to share my reflections.  I created Threads and Paint to share what I find wonderful in hopes that my idea, creation, or thought may spark something in you.IMG_6785


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